Firstly, who needs Motor Trade Insurance?

Well, anyone who has a Motor Trade business should have insurance to cover their business. This doesn’t mean there is one type of policy you can take out when it comes to this variant of insurance though. Under the canopy of Motor Trade Insurance there are various types of insurance therein (we’ll get into that later), for now, we’ll focus on the two main types. These are Road Risk and Combined Insurance. A Road Risk policy is perhaps best suited for the part-time motor trader, it could cover you to work on/drive any vehicle that you need for work purposes. A Combined policy is the opposite in some sense, it is better suited for the full-time motor trader whom operates from a premises. Combined policies can also offer the cover a Road Risk policy does, making it the “all-inclusive” cover of Motor Trade insurance.

What does Motor Trade Insurance cover?

Road Risk and Combined policies are but two “options” one can have when it comes to their niche of the Motor Trade insurance arena. In truth you can get a more specific insurance based upon your field of expertise. For example, mechanics won’t need the same kind of insurance as a vehicle salesman, despite them both occupying space in the Motor Trade industry - so there is a form of Motor Trade Insurance tailored to mechanics and insurance for vehicle sales. Then on top of all of that, you can also get “additions” to your policy to tailor it even further to the specific needs of your business.

Insurers & You; what to look for

Now you have a rough idea of what to expect and what to look for, it is worth mentioning what to do when it comes to actually securing the right insurance. First thing’s first, decide what insurance you require. Then you need to find yourself an insurance broker who specialises in Motor Trade Insurance. You might be wondering as to why you need a broker, well that’s easy, you need choices. Not every insurer will be able to offer you everything you want for (what you might deem) a reasonable price. An expert broker will be able to look at the market based on your requirements and compare them all to get you the right cover at the best price. A broker will often be able to offer their expert knowledge and point you in the directions of what is needed and answer any questions you have along the way.


Now we’ve reached the end of the article, let’s go over the points very briefly. Who needs Motor Trade Insurance? Every Motor Trade business, no matter how big or small. What does Motor Trade Insurance Cover? All business types to varying degrees depending on what you need. What do I look for when it comes to Insurers? A specialist Motor Trade Broker, they’ll provide you with professional opinions, a range of cover and competitive rates. Now you’re starting off at a higher point and better equipped than before you can take on the behemoth of Motor Trade Insurance.